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Battle of the Watches

The Samsung Gear S3, which is the seventh smartwatch from the Samsung brand, is here to put a smile on the faces of many. It has lots of improvements that make it stand out among last year’s watches. It has two variants, the Classic and Frontier. However, how does it fare, standing next to its predecessor, Gear 2? Let us find out.


The Samsung Gear S3 is bigger in size and style and may not be suited for those with small wrists. Its design is unique, posh and capable of withstanding rough handling. It comes with a dress watch style.

You can practically use it on a normal as opposed to the Samsung Gear S2 which makes you think of a sports watch because of its plastic sporty curves. In Samsung Gear S3, we have leather strap and 22mm pin in a metal body. Samsung Gear S2 Classic smartwatch has more visual features than the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. Many people think S3 Frontier in this case, is sporty. Talk about the shoe being on the other foot.


They both have 2 unique designs. Just as you have the Samsung Gear S2 Basic and Gear 2 Classic, there is Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier.

Weight & Size

Samsung Gear S3 is quite heavy in comparison with previous smartwatches. It is about 30% heavier than others. Samsung Gear S2is fitting for people with small wrists as well as normal wrist sized people. Gear S3 Frontier version is 8-10% heavier than the classic version. As if the weight wasn’t enough. 46mm for a watch. We are so going to have fit wrist muscles.


Samsung Gear S3 variants have a larger screen than the other watches before it. No, you’re not carrying a television screen on your wrist. With a 1.3 inch 360 x 360 pixel AMOLED always-on led displays and a pixel density of 278 ppi, you don’t have to squint to see your watch screen.

Knight Blog Post

Samsung Gear S3 VS Samsung GearS2

This also accounts for the bigger weight size though. Both S3 and S2 use Corning Gorilla Glass but the S3 uses the SR+ composite, which is more damage resistant. Okay, to be fair, technically, the Gear S2 is brighter but has a smaller display.


Samsung Gear S3 wins this round with a better RAM and improved operating system. It also has 50% additional memory and battery. That is 50% beat down against the S2.


That is probably the first thing people check when they want to get a new device. The battery life is very important to any device. Samsung Gear S3 comes with a 380mAh battery that gives you 24 more hours than the 250mAH battery of the Gear S2. You can be connected for up to 4 days depending on your usage.

Software & Price

Both devices, according to the manufacturer are compatible with Android and iOS. However, on the Gear S3, you can accept or cancel calls. As for the price, S2 Basic is 299USD, while the Classic is 349USD. S3 on the other hand, has its opening price at 499USD

Water Resistance & Charging

They are both water resistant and support wireless charging.

Speakers & Connectivity

S3 has speaker and mic pre-installed. It allows for convenience in making calls. The 3G variants of S2 have GPS while all S3 models have GPS. The Frontier version of the S3 has 3G/LTE connectivity to enable you receive and make calls as well as check other activities as you would with a phone.
While it seems that the Gear S3 has the S2 in a lock-hold position, let us not forget the size of S3. They both have their ups and downs. It is a hard decision, but it can be made. Besides, who says you have to get only one?


Facetime: The Ultimate In Communicating In Real Time

Earlier, people have struggled a lot with the intention of communicate with one another. Through the evolution of mobile expedients, the efforts of those people have diminished to a better extent. Among the latest smartphones arriving in market, people getting flooded by apps. There are many brands that are producing high-end smartphones through numerous useful specifications and features.

Among the wide range of expedients, Apple iPhone is one of the foremost devices in the marketplace. Unlike Android, Apple iPhone is pretty much demanding for the people to utilize iPhone designed applications on other mobile functioning structures. Facetime for iPhone is Apple's video as well as audio calling facility. Develop it as a phone which uses your Wi-Fi otherwise cellular data connection in its place of traditional phone lines.

You may use Facetime for iPhone, iPod touch otherwise Mac, to call anybody else using any one of these devices. That is what creates Download FaceTime App perfect for viewing and hearing family throughout the vacations, while you are on the way, keeping grandparents linked to their grandkids, making international calls while you have no extensive distance plan, taking a second opinion on that jacket whereas you are out spending, sharing a show, creating a meeting, also much, much more.





Be a Lady Magnet On Your Own Terms

You want to be a lady magnet? It is possible as long as you have the right tactics. It isn’t all about making them laugh and buying them expensive gifts it goes far more than that. Allow me to make you into a female magnet and watch the ladies flock to your shores every single time. You have to make social situations work for you. Don’t just drop yourself in a group of people. Make yourself the center of attraction.

Even if you have to create the illusion, create it.

Some go as far as hiring ladies to move around with them, especially to parties. With the women surrounding them, they become the alpha male in that setting. Please, this is not a go-ahead to pay women to be with you. Bottom-line is that the more women you have around you, the more desirable you’d be to other women.

Next, please please and please, stay away from boring conversation starters.

One very good topic to make a lady get all chatty is relationship gossip. Who is dating who? Do you think Idris Elba is gay?

Bait set. Watch them light up and get all chatty.

You have to use Fractionation.

Fractionation is the kryptonite for even the strongest walled lady. It is actually seen as a form of hypnosis trick and should not be used lightly.

Prepare Yourself

Always make sure you know where the right spots are, where it is happening. Look as good as possible.

Know Your Area

This would enable you pick the best place. If you haven’t been there before, make sure to do a scouting before you proceed. You also need to practice in your area. Get to know the ladies within your vicinity. Go to many local parties. Hang out in local bars. Ladies love social guys who know people and won’t scratch their head thinking about where to go.



Show Off Your Value At Every Opportunity You Get


Bring Your A-Game

If you think the ladies around you are out of your league, hide it. What you believe within you radiates outwardly. Turn the tables. Make the ladies feel outmatched at the same time while trying not to make it so obvious that you're into any of them. Confidence should be your clothing. Get her talking about herself and pay attention.

Be the Mystery Man

Confidence should be your clothing. Get her talking about herself and pay attention.You need to build up some suspense and keep her slightly confused. Keep her wondering from time to time what's going on in your mind, all the while paying attention to her. When she can see right through you, she loses interest in you.

The Rolling CodeM

The rolling code design is a type of technological design that works with a chip. The small computer chip is present in the remote as well as the receiver. Whenever that remote is pressed, the receiver, which has a matching code, responds. Use multiple doses of fractionation to keep her hooked.