Water Jel

The most traditional first aid burn treatment protocols recommend a series of 4 steps to eliminate the source that has caused the burn and begin treatment before seeking medical attention.

The flames must be extinguished on the victim or his clothes. To do this, the "Pull and Roll" technique is recommended and a dry blanket is usually used for this procedure.

Once the flames have been cut, the victim should be cooled to prevent the progression of the burn and to relieve pain. For this step a sterile sheet and saline water is usually used.

The wound should be kept covered - often with a sterile gauze - to prevent contamination by airborne bacteria.

And finally, since the temperature has already been reduced, a wool blanket is often placed on the victim to help stabilize the temperature and prevent a shock in the patient from hypothermia.

Water-Jel fire-extinguishing blankets are designed to meet exactly these 4 objectives in just one step!

Water-Jel blankets and Water-Jel gauzes combine a scientifically formulated gel with a special support material to form a very effective, one-step emergency burn treatment system that can be effectively used for burns Of any degree and origin.

(Please note that when dealing with chemical burns the wound should be thoroughly flushed before using Water-Jel.) If burns are produced by electric power, remember that the first thing to do is to separate / Disconnect the victim from the power source).

Water-Jel products are approved by the European Directive 93/42 / EEC as Class II Medical Devices for emergency treatment and first aid for burns. They are classified as medical devices, because Water-Jel does not contain active ingredients or drugs. Helps to eliminate the pain caused by the burn, cooling the skin.

Water-Jel fulfills all the objectives of the 4-step process, as follows:

When placed on a burn victim, Water-Jel extinguishes the flames immediately. It also begins to relieve pain and to cool the skin through a process known as "Heat Transfer." In fact, Water-Jel extracts the heat from the burn and helps to slow the progression of the burn. This is a great advantage over traditional first aid methods, which simply cool the surface of the skin uncontrollably using saline water as an evaporation agent.

Water-Jel also protects the wound from environmental contamination by covering it and creating a barrier that prevents contamination by external agents and loss of body fluids and electrolytes.
The gel is soluble in water and the blankets and gauze do not adhere to the wound. They can be placed directly on burned clothes. As Water-Jel contains a soothing agent, in many cases it facilitates the removal of the clothes when the victim arrives at the doctor's office, the hospital or the burn center. This makes the removal procedure easier and less painful for the victim.
As Water-Jel blankets use a wool support, they also act as heat insulation,

The fact that Water-Jel complies with the 4-step procedure with a single action product is critical in critical situations. It is also especially valued that it saves time in circumstances where multiple victims are involved.

No special training is required to use Water-Jel making it ideal for industries and businesses. In fact, many industrial customers have informed us that the Water-Jel is so easy to use and so effective that workers often return to their jobs in less time than any other type of treatment. The efficiency of the product, in addition to its easy storage and transportation, also make it extremely popular for emergency medical units, fire brigades and military around the world, as well as for individuals, who recognize its value as a product of First aid for domestic and personal use.




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